Zodiac Joins Paul Epworth's New Wolf Tone Imprint

> Sep 11 2012

Zodiac Joins Paul Epworth's New Wolf Tone Imprint
By Alex HudsonSince airing his dirty laundry about the Weeknd, Toronto producer Zodiac has made some important career moves of his own. With a self-titled EP slated to drop later this month through Vase Records, the songwriter also known as Jeremy Rose has signed a writing deal with Paul Epworth's new Wolf Tone imprint.

In case you're not already familiar with Epworth, he's the mega-successful, Grammy-winning British producer who helmed Adele's 21 and has worked with the likes of Florence and the Machine, Bloc Party and many more. In other words, getting signed to his label is a major vote of confidence for an on-the-rise producer.

"I'm extremely flattered and excited that one of the world's top producers wanted to bring me on to this project," Zodiac said in a statement. "I hope to learn and expand as a producer as well as fuck with all his cool synthesizers. We're going to make some great music here."

Epworth added, "I'm absolutely delighted to make Jeremy the first signing to Wolf Tone. His forward thinking, musical and textured production is quite unlike anything else and made him the perfect candidate to start Wolf Tone's roster."

The specifics of the deal are unknown, but a press release specifically refers to the contract as a "writing deal," meaning that Zodiac may well be penning songs for other artists.

In the meantime, check out his new single "Come" (featuring Jesse Boykinds III) below.

As previously reported, the five-song Zodiac arrives through Vase Records digitally September 24 and on vinyl October 8.

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