You Say Party's Devon Clifford Honoured with Charity Album, Vancouver Concert

> Feb 04 2013

You Say Party's Devon Clifford Honoured with Charity Album, Vancouver Concert
By Alex HudsonFollowing the tragic passing of You Say Party drummer Devon Clifford in 2010, his family formed the Devon R.B. Clifford Memorial Foundation to help fund music education for underprivileged youths. To support this charitable organization, Vancouver Film School has set up a compilation album and benefit show featuring some notable local talent.

The charity album is called The Party Lives On. In addition to You Say Party, it features prominent contributions from Dan Mangan, Sam Roberts, the Pack A.D., Real Boys (a band featuring YSP's Stephen O'Shea), the Jolts, the Tranzmitors, and more. See the tracklist below. It's available to purchase for $10 over at Bandcamp.

The Party Lives On will be launched with a show at Vancouver's Rickshaw Theatre on February 21. The night features performances from the Jolts, the Tranzmitors, Tobeatic, the Vicious Cycles and A Fish Called Piranha.

Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door. A download code for the album is included. Get your ticket here.

The Party Lives On:

1. A Fish Called Piranha - "Carrie"
2. Dan Mangan - "Rows of Houses"
3. Fathoms - "Miscommunication"
4. Christian Hansen - "Don't Leave Her Out"
5. The Stone Pines - "Close Your Eyes"
6. You Say Party - "She's Spoken For"
7. Sam Roberts - "The Last Crusade"
8. The Pack A.D. - "Haunt You"
9. The Mighty One - "Countdown to Ascension"
10. The Post War - "Save Ourselves"
11. Real Boys - "Vacation"
12. The Tranzmitors - "Live a Little More"
13. The Jolts - "Can't Figure It Out"
14. Greenback High - "Under the Moons of Jupiter"
15. The Vicious Cycles - "What I Do Now"

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