WTF? Mastodon Meet Barney the Dinosaur

> Nov 18 2011

WTF? Mastodon Meet Barney the Dinosaur
By Gregory AdamsWell, we're not sure what to think of this one, but the picture above says it all: Atlanta-based metal masters Mastodon have met Barney the Dinosaur.

The pic, which was uploaded to the group's Facebook page late last night (November 17), shows the prog-metal pundits posing with the other purple one and a couple other colourful characters.

It's unclear how the meet-and-greet went down. Maybe Barney, Baby Bop and co. took in a gig on Mastodon's current jaunt in support of The Hunter (they apparently also met the group's current tourmates, tech-metal dudes Dillinger Escape Plan)?

Could this be the start of a beautiful partnership, with the rockers eventually taking their riffs to the kiddies on Barney and Friends? We all know that between appearances from Rocket From the Crypt and countless others, Yo Gabba Gabba! has been garnering music scene cred for years. Maybe Barney wants in on that action.

And lord knows Mastodon's not opposed to weird-ass team-ups, as that hinted Feist collab suggests.

But maybe the big friendly dinosaur just wanted to let the band know that, well, he loves them. Who knows? Either way, you can't deny this picture's awesome.

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" Mastodon was photographed with Barney the Purple Dinosaur."

I don't find this hard to believe at all, in fact I’d say that Barney and Mastodon share a lot in common for instance:

1- they both play music for little kids

2- both are commercial products ripping off successful formulas

3- both loose fans as soon as intelligence kicks in
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