Woods of Ypres Singer David Gold Dies at 31

> Dec 23 2011

Woods of Ypres Singer David Gold Dies at 31
By Gregory AdamsIncredibly sad news for the Canadian metal scene arrives this Holiday season with the announcement that Woods of Ypres singer David Gold died last night (December 22) in a motor vehicle accident near Barrie, ON. He was 31 years old.

A press release and Tumblr post from the gloom outfit's record label Earache confirms that the frontman passed away last night and that his memorial service is tentatively scheduled to take place in his hometown, Sault Ste. Marie, ON, on December 28.

"Saddened to hear the tragic news that David Gold, frontman of WOODS OF YPRES passed away last night aged 31. Car accident. RIP David Gold, you will be missed," the imprint wrote.

Gold had formed the outfit in 2002, and the band went on to record a handful of acclaimed demos and albums before Earache picked the band up in 2010 to re-release their Woods IV: The Green Album LP. As previously reported, the troupe will be releasing their next album, W5: Grey Skies & Electric Light on January 31.

Gold had previously described his excitement at their upcoming platter, describing it as "a tighter, more effective Woods of Ypres for a broader audience of listeners young and old, new and loyal."

"We've never sounded better and we'd never been fully satisfied with any recording, until now," he said.

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So sad. RIP Dave.
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that dude taught me english. RIP Mr. David Gold.. you will not be forgotten. - love from Kuwait.
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From every one in "For All That Is Lost" F.A.T.I.L we send our condolences. RIP Dave, your Music will always be gold for us.
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omg, so sad to hear this, loved the music he made, my condolences for the family and friends :(
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Amazing artist...RIP - you were an incredible inspiration
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I've known this man and his family since high school. He was truly wise and shared some of his lessons with me over the years. Incredibly heartbreaking.

I will attend the memorial service, though I still don't want to believe this is true.
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RIP. Bad roads and young drivers.


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I met this gut before he went off to Kuwait to teach, he taught in my grade 10 English class. Great guy! Gave my class and I a free CD as well as the chance to meet such an intelligent and cool guy. R.I.P Miss you!
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god he is such a inspiration i have been listening to them since they have came out...david gold will never be forgotten..never..
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rest in peace........
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We'll always miss you.
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the best go
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