White Stripes' First Two Seven-Inches to Be Reissued for Record Store Day

> Mar 28 2011

White Stripes' First Two Seven-Inches to Be Reissued for Record Store Day
By Alex HudsonThe White Stripes are gone, but Jack White's tireless work as the boss of Third Man Records means that we're likely to keep seeing archival releases from the garage rock duo for years to come. Last year, the label unveiled a massive box set, along with reissues of the band's first three LPs. Next up in this reissue campaign are the White Stripes' first two singles.

These seven-inches will drop on Record Store Day. Fans who hit up their local music shop on April 16 will be able to purchase vinyl copies of "Let's Shake Hands" / "Look Me Over Closely" and "Lafayette Blues" / "Sugar Never Tasted So Good."

The "Lafayette Blues" single has made headlines before. Last year, a hand-painted original copy sold for a staggering $18,000. Buy These Records [via Consequence of Sound] reveals that these new reissues will be pressed on swirled vinyl.

That's not all that Third Man has planned for Record Store Day. The label will be dropping a seven-inch from Karen Elson (aka Mrs. Jack White) containing two unreleased tracks: "Vicious" and "In Trouble with the Lord." Crazily enough, this one is clear with rose petals inside of the vinyl.

There will also be a seven-inch from Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi's Rome project, featuring Jack White and Norah Jones. This will include "Two Against One" on the A-side and "Black" on the flip.

Keep an eye out for more White Stripes reissues in the coming months and years, since Jack appears to be keeping his 2009 promise to reissue the band's entire catalogue.

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