Wavves' Stephen Pope Kicked Out of MTV VMAs for Drugs and Alcohol

> Aug 29 2011

Wavves' Stephen Pope Kicked Out of MTV VMAs for Drugs and Alcohol
By Alex HudsonNathan Williams has avoided having another major meltdown since his disastrous 2009 performance at Primavera, but the Wavves songwriter and his collaborators still have a penchant for taking drugs and getting silly in public. Last night (August 28), the band attended the MTV Video Music Awards, and their hard-partying ways resulted in bassist Stephen Pope getting kicked out of the event.

Via Twitter, Pope wrote yesterday, "FUCK. I got kicked out of it for having champagne and weed. Whatevs. Where's the party at?,?,!??"

He also griped about the harshness of the LAPD, revealing, "They stole all my rings too! And champagne. And wavves grinder. And bud light. LAPD are crooks! Rise up."

As bad as Pope's night was, at least he got to watch the show -- albeit while getting searched by the authorities. He wrote, "Watched the vmas from the security/lapd booth. Thoroughly searched. Violated for real. Wtf. After party off the chain...luv u @wavveswavves."

See a picture of Pope's pre-event parting above.

As for Williams, he fared better than Pope. Read his bizarre and substance-fuelled rant over at Twitter.

After their epic night of parting, it was soon back to business as usual for Wavves, who released the new track "I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl" from the upcoming Life Sux EP. This appears on Wavves' new score for the MTV show I Just Want My Pants Back. Download it for free here.

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I think a lot of people give these guys too much shit. The VMA's aren't ready for Wavves. They want pretentious and mainstream artists who don't care about the fun of music and their fans. As a huge Wavves fan I say good job for getting kicked out, party on, and fuck MTV and the police.
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