Vote for the ECHO Songwriting Prize

> Sep 07 2007

Vote for the ECHO Songwriting Prize
By Cam LindsaySOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) has announced the five nominees (one group in English, one group in French) vying for this year's ECHO Songwriting Prize, which is essentially $5,000 CDN cash, bragging rights and I'm sure a nice plaque or trophy of some sort.

Designed to identify what’s next and what’s best in current independent music, the prize honours some of the most innovative, creative and artistic songs created in the past year by emerging songwriters in both of our national languages.

Chosen by a panel of "respected, knowledgeable tastemakers in the music community," the five songs have been posted for the public to listen to and vote on. The deadline to vote is 4:59 p.m. sharp (no, not 5:00 p.m.) on September 28, 2007.

Unfortunately, if one of your loved ones is nominated, you can only support them once a day, from now until the deadline. Of course, I'm sure you could use an alias or another computer if you really love them, but that likely isn't fair.

Click here here to listen and vote.

Here are the English language nominees:

Nathan "Scarecrow"

Chad VanGaalen "Graveyard"

Feuermusik "Doppelspiel"

Abdominal "Pedal Pusher"

The Besnard Lakes "Devastation"

Here are the French language nominees:

Tricot Machine "L'ours"

Frank Martel et l'ouest celeste "Les Partitions de l'amour"

Xavier Caféďne "Montréal (cette ville)"

Numéro# "Chewing gum fraise"

Dumas "Au gré des saisons"

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