Vinyl Sales Increase in 2010, Led by the Beatles, Arcade Fire

> Jan 07 2011

Vinyl Sales Increase in 2010, Led by the Beatles, Arcade Fire
By Alex HudsonThis past year was a brutal one for CD sales, but vinyl is still on the rise. The medium, once considered nearly obsolete, has seen a massive resurgence in recent years and many indie bands have had their recent successes bolstered by impressive wax sales. Now, Neilsen SoundScan has released its figures for the top-selling vinyl records of 2010.

For the second straight year, the Beatles topped the list, with 1969 classic Abbey Road. This news comes at the end of a massive year for the group, in which they released their catalog on iTunes.

Arcade Fire came in at No. 2, with their chart-topping The Suburbs. It's not surprising that the Montreal group landed near the top of the list, as we previously reported that The Suburbs was a big hit on vinyl.

The top five is rounded out by the Black Keys, with Brothers, Vampire Weekend, with Contra and Michael Jackson, with Thriller.

These big sellers helped to make 2010 the biggest year for vinyl since Neilsen SoundScan first started tracking sales back in 1991. Rolling Stone reports that vinyl sales were up 14-pecent from the previous year, with around 2.8 million units sold.

See the top ten vinyl records of 2010 below.

1. The Beatles - Abbey Road
2. Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
3. The Black Keys - Brothers
4. Vampire Weekend - Contra
5. Michael Jackson - Thriller
6. The National - High Violet
7. Beach House - Teen Dream
8. The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Valleys of Neptune
9. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
10. The XX - XX

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You need to keep in mind that these numbers do not include all of the 100% DIY/Independent releases. Or sales from most Mom & Pop stores and bands who sell off-stage at concerts. Barcodeless-off-the-grid stuff.
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What I mean is.. the number is actually higher.
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When I got back into vinyl in 2003 I figured it will be a pleasant little niche. But after seven years of seeing trends I believe vinyl record sales and interest in playback is now more than just a blip. I'm not foolish enough to think it will reach the popularity and thus sales we recorded in the 1970's to the mid 80's but I would not be surprised that the rising fortunes of sales and consumer interest in vinyl will easily reaches levels 10 time or more than what the interest currently is.

People are buying into it for a few reasons.

1: Generally most believe vinyl has better sound, a more soul reaching sound.
2: Cover art and liner notes are WAY COOOL!
3: Boomers want to reattach to the era that they got into vinyl.
4: Lots of cheap used vinyl out there and tens of millions of titles many that wil never see the light of day with CD even after 30 years of CD nor downloads.
5: A physical and almost organic attachment to the black disc.
6: More and more new vinyl being pressed and sold.
7: Lots of good used turntables out there many very affordable.
8: More and more new turntables being made and sold.
9: A tweakers paradise unlike all other playback formats.
10: Many younger music listeners are getting caught up in it and the retro part of it.
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