Beefs 2011: Tyler, the Creator Fires Back at Steve Albini

> Aug 10 2011

Beefs 2011: Tyler, the Creator Fires Back at Steve Albini
By Gregory AdamsFollowing the recent comments made by legendarily cranky Steve Albini against the "assholes" in rap troupe Odd Future, the band's de facto leader Tyler, the Creator blasted the indie figure over a series of tweets.

Responding to allegations that the Odd Future crew cursed a blue streak and generally treated a handful of people on an airport shuttle in Barcelona like garbage, the rapper defended himself, denouncing most of Albini's claims. But first thing's first for Tyler: he wants someone to explain to him who the hell Albini is.

"Feel Like I Have To Defend Myself. 1 Idk Who The Fuck Steve Albino Is 2. I Dont 'Nigger Everything Insight' 3. I Never Say Fuck U To Drivers," he tweeted late last night (August 9).

Aside from denying Albini's claims that they flipped the bird to an old lady and told a driver off after allegedly being told not to smoke a joint in the shuttle, Tyler also took offence to allegations that the crew boasted about how much they got paid over a gig. Dude thinks that's just classless, and good on him.

"4. We (odd future) Never Discuss How Much We Are Making A Show In Public, Ever."

While his argument that neither he nor his generation have a clue who the Shellac member is may be a bit juvenile -- "Me Nor Anyone i Know In My Age Group Know Who You Are, Old Ass. Surprised You Knew how To Use A Computer" -- he did flip the script on Albini by pointing out the aging punk's controversially monikered '80s outfit,Rapeman. "What's good with RAPEMAN," Tyler critiqued.

How the offensive band name stacks up to the countless uncomfortably rape-y verses scattered across the Odd Future catalogue is a matter of contention, but on a purely surface level analysis, point goes to the Creator.

Regardless, hopefully the debacle is behind them now. Tyler's got more pressing things on his mind now. "Okay, Back To Regular Shit: SO I FUCKING FAILED AT GETTING A PICTURE OF MY FART. FUCK," he posted this morning.

UPDATE: Odd Future publicist Heathcliff Berru has added, "i love Steve Albini's music but I gotta call him out on this one. I was in that ride with you guys. He's just grumpy and wrong!"

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So he doesn't know who he is, but knows Rapeman?
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Winner: Albini, the champagne of assholes.

Albini's a cunt, no doubt about it. But Tyler's shit is played out. No shelf life to his asshole behaviour so the dude's already expired. Whereas on the other hand, Albini's bullshit will have a smdige of entertainment and truth for a good decade or two.
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Albini produced Surfarosa by the Pixies and Nirvana's - In utero . 2 of my all time favorite albums not to mention everything else he has done Big Black, shelac, etc.........
these little raping idiots need an education on music, well actually they just need an education period.
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Gregory Adams, you refer to this simpleton's poorly-composed twitter bullshit as "surface level analysis". Are you serious?

It seems more reasonable to believe Albini's version of events, since he doesn't have a dog in this fight, hence he's got no reason to make shit up (it's not like Albini is trying to steal their fans or influence anyone outside his hardcore base). Tyler is backpedalling because he's just realized that Odd Future might have to interact with adults occasionally, in order to continue getting paid. Acting like bratty morons can only get them so far before they’ll have to change gears- just ask the Beastie Boys.
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to the dude above the dude above, thank you for proving the intelligence and maturity level of the average odd future fan is somewhere in negative values.
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A haiku for the faggot that writes in CAPS 3 dudes up

it is bad music
no soul or quality to it
it must be hip hop
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The conclusion that both Tyler and your writer deduce from their cursory reading of Albini's reproach is short sighted. Albini eloquently elucidated that he has no gripe with the content of their music and is in fact not qualified to make any assertions of its quality. Furthermore, he clearly states that the content of an artist's creative output is not necessarily indicative of the artist's character. This repudiates your writer's "surface analysis" that Tyler has any substantial reasoning in mentioning Rapeman, as the content of OFWGKTA's music was never a contended issue to begin with. Albini was simply replying to a question regarding his interaction with the group and incisively outed them for their "asshole" behavior. Is it not telling that Odd Future's own publicist apologized for the incident?

There seems to be blanket resentment in the music press towards Albini and his views. Yet if one were to actually read the content of his discourse, one would realize that he is a humanist who extols ethical, moral behaviour. His dissemination of the music industry's inherent hypocrisy is not only correct but desperately needed. He does not offer his opinion unless asked and is more than happy to keep to himself cooking, playing poker and helping needy families around Christmas. I have an inkling that the reason why so many people are uncomfortable with Steve's conclusions is that they realize it correctly suggests a pettiness on their part. This is understandable for it is very hard to be consistently ethical and much easier to call someone an "Old Ass".

Rather than encouraging a tabloid culture of misinformation, I feel that your readership would benefit from a little more exhaustive research and analysis.
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Hey Nameless Poseurs!

Calling each other "faggots" does not enhance your arguments. In fact, it makes you some across as ignorant, hate-filled homophobes.

Surely you are more than an ignorant, hate-filled homophobe.

Kind regards
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Well Im in my early 20s and am well aware who Steve Albini is.

Also wish ppl would stop playing devils advocate to likes of Tyler and Odd Future.
You act like a moron you get called out as one - big deal.
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Yeah. Everyone knows that if you want to enhance your argument, you have to resort to RACISM, not homophobia.

I kid.

I like how Tyler said that no one in his age group knows who Albini is, as if anyone is going to know who Tyler is in five years. That's not a statement of his music's longevity, just how utterly disposable the current rap industry makes all artists. Dude is going to be broken down, recycled and processed before someone can say T-Pain.
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2014: "remember that rap group that talked garbage people thought was cutting edge 3 years ago"
"Me neither"
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Tyler the Creator doesn't smoke. Also, what 20 year old isn't running around posting absurd crap on social media websites? People love to jump to conclusions almost as much as they love to to say ignorant, hypocritical remarks.

As if any of us will be remembered. Let's step off our high horses, please? I know you feel you must express your opinions as fact, but c'mon...

Btw, I'm an Odd Future fan.
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Who cares about the lyrical content of Odd Future's music or that of Steve Albini's. That's freedom of expression and subjective to each person. What's disgusting is how Tyler calls himself a producer and real producer like Steve Albini have to sit around while little assholes like Odd Future are free to call themselves producers of music just because they know how to use the latest computer software. Those kids don't have a clue as to what real music is or what real production is. How could they? He said himself that he doesn't know who Albini is. Safe to say he has never heard "In utero" by Nirvana or "Pod" by The Breeders so what could they really know about real music that has substance and heart.....
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Tyler and the rest of OFWGKTA have made an art form out of fucking with people, I think that's what a lot of people are missing out on. That's what the rape references in their music are all about, making you the listener say to yourself "What the fuck!?" Because they are so clever with words it's especially jarring, that they're clearly very talented but using their power for "evil." It's like watching an incredibly talented athlete put his skills to use as a mercenary instead. Their behavior seems to reflect this as well. They have a loud, obnoxious presence, and I don't think you have to be juvenile to appreciate that. PS guy above me, being a producer IS knowing how to use computer programs, and Tyler is quite good at it. Recording, mixing and mastering beats and vocals is equally as creative and challenging as recording instruments, I urge you to try it sometime.
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Ahhhh... so now provoking annoyance is a skill.
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LOL at dude who wrote a haiku. The middle line is 8 syllables dumbass. OddFutureWolfGangKillThemAllDontGiveAFuckLitterLifeBaconBoysLoiterSquadButtFuckBitchNiggas!
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Odd Future's whole thing is they dont give a fuck. If they did what was reported, what reason would they have to deny it? The lyrics in their songs are way worse than the accusations. either way both artists are good Tyler puts out quality music like it or not as well as albini did. and more than likely they'll never see these posts so whats the point? just two groups of idiots arguing... GolfWang.
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Talking shit at Tyler/Odd Future is just the new thing especially for musicians whose popularity is declining becuase it's instant media attention... I do like Albini's music but I wouldn't have expected him to basically tell Odd Future to be less punk rock.
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