TV Casualty Deliver Misfits-Saluting 7-Inch, Get Ted Leo to Guest

> Oct 24 2011

TV Casualty Deliver Misfits-Saluting 7-Inch, Get Ted Leo to Guest
By Gregory AdamsFor a few years now, Philadelphia punk rock covers outfit TV Casualty have been trotting out tribute sets to classic acts like Minor Threat, the Ramones and Black Flag. Fittingly, the band are celebrating the spooky season with the release of their debut seven-inch, which toasts iconic ooksters the Misfits.

The band's lineup features a host of slightly less celebrated punk rock vets, including Brian Sokel (Franklin, AM/FM), Andy Nelson (Ceremony, Paint It Black), Atom Goren (Atom and His Package) and Chris Wilson (Ted Leo & the Pharmacists). Tackling vocal duties for the session is Pharmacists leader Ted Leo, who has performed with the group while donning a devillock the past few Octobers.

Matador Records will issue the seven-inch, which features attempts at Misfits numbers "Children in Heat," "Angelfuck," "Teenagers from Mars," "We Bite," "Who Killed Marilyn" and "Some Kinda Hate," on October 31 as a mail-order only release. But the band will have the slab of wax at their October 28 show in Gainesville, FL. The limited-edition single is being pressed in a run of 200 copies on blood red vinyl.

Altruistically, the covers set is also being done for a good cause, with all proceeds charitably being donated to the Attic Youth Center, Philadelphia's only LGBTQ facility for youths.

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