Tussle Team Up with JD Twitch, Liquid Liquid Members for 'Tempest'

> Jun 27 2012

Tussle Team Up with JD Twitch, Liquid Liquid Members for 'Tempest'
By Gregory AdamsHaving gone through some lineup changes since issuing their Cream Cuts collection in 2008, San Francisco dance rock troupe Tussle are back on the attack with their fourth full-length, Tempest.

Described in a press release as "a turning point for the band," the seven-song Tempest comes out September 25 through Smalltown Supersound. Following a few years off to focus on their families, the quartet of Tomo Yasuda (bass), Nathan Burazer (samples, synths), Jonathan Holland (drums, samples), and Kevin Woodruff (drums) headed out to Glasgow to work on the album with Optimo member JD Twitch.

Apparently the group arrived in Scotland with "simple drum machine sequences and sketches," but Twitch helped them arrange the pieces in the studio. You can sample the manic clap-and-cowbell beat and swirly-synths of four-on-the-floor club thumper "Eye Context" in the player below.

Members of iconic '80s post-punk outfit Liquid Liquid were also drafted to help out, with Dennis Young overdubbing his contributions from his New Jersey home, while album opener "Yume No Mori" contains a sample of Liquid Liquid vocalist Salvatore Principato.


1. Yume No Muri
2. Moondog
3. Cat Pirate
4. P44
5. Eye Context
6. Yellow Lighter
7. Lightly Salted

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