Trent Reznor Urges Fans Not to Buy New 'Pretty Hate Machine' Reissue

> Jul 14 2011

Trent Reznor Urges Fans Not to Buy New 'Pretty Hate Machine' Reissue
By Alex HudsonThinking about getting the latest reissue of Nine Inch Nails' debut album Pretty Hate Machine? Don't -- at least not according to the record's creator, Trent Reznor. The NIN mastermind took to Twitter today (July 14) to dissuade his fans from buying the new version, which came out earlier this week.

He wrote, "NIN fans, don't waste your money on this version of PHM that was just released."

In a subsequent tweet, he described the re-release as a "a record label bullshit move repackaging the old version. Ignore please."

Check out the reissue in question here.

He's got a point -- the latest reissue is very similar to the original 1989 release through TVT Records. Those looking for a new version of Pretty Hate Machine would be better served by last year's remastered edition, which also included a cover of Queen's "Get Down, Make Love" as a bonus track.

Also be sure to save some cash for future Reznor projects. He's working on a HBO miniseries and is scoring the new Hollywood remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo with Atticus Ross. We're also still waiting for that new How to Destroy Angels material he promised us.

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Note to readers (and the author)--the version of the album that T-Rock is advising fans not to buy is NOT the version pictured here. This is the 2010 remastered album, which is the "good" reissue. I think Exclaim! should post the correct image (i.e. the label reissue) to avoid confusion.
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Exclaim! agrees and has swapped the photo. Thanks for pointing that out.
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