Treble Charger Announce Reunion

> Jan 16 2012

Treble Charger Announce Reunion
By Alex HudsonThe year is barely two weeks old, but the music world is already going reunion crazy, as Refused, At the Drive-In and I Mother Earth have all unveiled plans to reconvene in 2012. Now, you can add Treble Charger to that list, since the defunct pop rock crew have announced plans to get back together for Canadian Music Week.

The band have a newly minted Tumblr and Twitter account, and they wrote on Sunday (January 15), "Wow -- it's been a while. Might be time to knock the dust off." Their management website quotes them as saying, "A reunion show at CMW? There is no way we could say no to this one."

So far, AUX reports that the band, whose lineup at this point is unclear, will play the Indie Awards at CMW. But we're guessing this reformation will be more than a simple one-off.

Canadian Music Week will run from March 21 to 25 in Toronto.

Treble Charger were active from the early '90s up until 2006. They scored some ubiquitous Can-rock radio hits last decade, including "American Psycho," "Brand New Low" and "Hundred Million."

UPDATE: Treble Charger have now confirmed they will play the Indies in Toronto on March 24, as well as the city's Phoenix on March 21 as part of CMW.

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This band went downhill when they started to sound like SUM 41 (American Pycho and beyond). Anything before that (Red, Even Grable) is respectable.
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Yeah, I wonder if it will include the good Bill Priddle led stuff from their Sonic Unyon years or the amazingly lame Greg Nori stuff from their latter years......
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Honestly, all these reunions are getting pretty lame...
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Greg Nori is a twat!
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You are such an idiot. Treble Charger freaking produced Sum 41, so if anyone is a sound-alike, it's the latter. OMG 6 years after their break-up and people are still making stupid comments like this. Ridiculous.
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Well...they sucked then so they deserve it now.
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Im sorry but if you think Brand New Low is a bad song and you indie losers just want to hear terrible bill priddle songs (shoot me) then you all should stay home and jerk off to the dinosaur jr records you downloaded yesturday.
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At least Rosie the tone deaf bass player is not part of it. I heard that Bill and Greg were going to hire a real rhythm section.
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I could not agree less with the guy below me! They MADE Sum 41, Sum 41 sounds like them. They gave that sound to sum 41
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The first album I was given was Detox by Treble Charger. Nothing amazing but a very good consistent album and was disappointed they split. They were a good band, I enjoyed all their stuff from the Bill Priddle songs to the Brand New Low types.

The lyrics and stuff were nothing special usually and they weren't as sophisticated as some of the newer bands like Hey Rosetta or Arcade Fire but it was good music. It's a shame they split up and Greig Nori ended up producing a bunch of lame bands like Hedley or the other manufactured type "bands" (Sum 41 at least come up with their own lyrics/songs) but hopefully they write another song or 11 ;)
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Bill Priddle is the real deal - he also plays with Adaline now
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