Toronto's Trust Sign to Arts & Crafts, Unveil New Single

> Sep 20 2011

Toronto's Trust Sign to Arts & Crafts, Unveil New Single
By Alex HudsonToronto's Trust released their debut seven-inch, "Candy Walls," earlier this year, and the bosses over at Arts & Crafts were among the many who were impressed by the duo's moody electro pop sound. Now, the label has signed the band, which consists of Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski.

A press release describes Trust's sound as being made of "speed, space and tears." You can definitely hear the "speed" part of that equation in the new single "Bubbleform," a techno-tinged cut that you can download in exchange for an email address below.

So what can we expect from Trust now that they're signed to A&C? Well, a video for "Bulbform" is on the way, along with "announcements surrounding physical releases." There are also plans to release the band's debut full-length in 2012. In other words, stay tuned.

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