Toronto's Lou Canon Rolls Out Hayden-produced Debut Album

> Mar 10 2011

Toronto's Lou Canon Rolls Out Hayden-produced Debut Album
By Alex HudsonAs Jack Black proved in 2003's School of Rock, it's entirely possible to be a school teacher by day and a badass musician by night. That's certainly the case for Lou Canon, a Toronto teacher who moonlights as a singer-songwriter. On May 10, she will issue her self-titled debut album through Hardwood/Universal.

The ten-song set was produced by Canuck indie folk hero Hayden. A press release offers this description of how they crafted the album:

Although she continued to teach, her day no longer ended with the bell. She would unravel her bun at the door and spend her nights three stories above street level, in a very special place called Skyscraper National Park. Alongside Canadian musician, Hayden, she created, laughed, lingered, swore, drank tea, drank wine and slowly built her debut album.

That's the enigmatic cover art above and the tracklist below. And while the album isn't out until May, you can currently download the single "Heart Of" over here. It's a subtly simmering rocker with breathy vocals and stuttering rhythms.

Lou Canon:

1. "Here as a Ghost"
2. "In Fall"
3. "Heart Of"
4. "My Girls"
5. "Close to Me"
6. "The Dancing"
7. "More than You"
8. "To Find Your Bed"
9. "Sandhills"
10. "After All"
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No need to check it out- this song is limp garbage. A true waste of minutes.
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Wow! Great song, look forward to hearing the rest of the album.
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Went to Lou Canon myspace. She does an amazing cover of The Cure's "Close To Me"
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Are you guys smoking something? This song/artist is typical of the kind of morose and boring girl-pop that comes from Toronto. I guarantee we will hear this song in an iPod commercial, and you douchebags will be talking about how you've been listening to her 'since the beginning'. Exclaim, you never fail to give us more of the same. Well done morons.
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i saw her play live last week: what a show.
great set of musicians and a great performance all around. don't listen to douchebags....go judge yourself.
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