Toronto's Greys Reveal Debut EP, North American Tour Dates

> Apr 13 2011

Toronto's Greys Reveal Debut EP, North American Tour Dates
By Josiah HughesWe recently caught word of the pummelling Toronto band Greys when they opened for Mike Watt this weekend. Now, the post-punk-tinged heavy rockers have revealed plans for Ultra Sorta, their debut EP.

While the press release name-checks Fugazi, Nirvana and Hot Snakes/Drive Like Jehu guitarist John Reis, it goes on to insist that, "they're no throwback band, however. Far from it. They simply display the raw, aggressive, yet artful and progressive traits bands haven't shown off in over a decade -- especially in their hometown. They play very, very loud rock music, and that's enough cause for applause."

Ultra Sorta will be available on coloured ten-inch vinyl via Concession Records on April 26. After that, Greys embark on a North American tour that will bring them through Ontario, New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia, along with select appearances in the U.S.

All tour dates are available below, as well as a stream of the track "Black Lodge."

Ultra Sorta:

1. "Situationism"
2. "Rennie"
3. "Simple Living"
4. "City of Broken Lights"
5. "Black Lodge"

Tour dates:

4/30 Toronto, ON - United Steelworkers Hall
5/12 Ottawa, ON - Avant Garde
5/15 Fredericton, NB - F Studio
5/17 Charlottetown, PEI - The Refinery
5/18 Halifax, NS - Club 1668
5/21 Lunenberg, MA - Andrew Hall
5/22 Fitchburg, MA - Rabbit Hole
5/29 Baltimore, MD - Charm City Art Space
6/2 Detroit, MI - Old Miami
6/3 Chicago, IL - Reggie's
6/4 Sarnia, ON - Trinity Lounge

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This band's pseudo-declaration that they are the only group in Toronto playing "raw, aggressive" music is farcical, as is the fact that Exclaim would print such a spurious assertion. Also disturbing is the obvious cut-and-paste approach employed by this writer. Exclaim, you consistently set the lowest standards of music journalism. The lameness of your approach often discourages readers from checking out artists that, despite their bogus claims, might actually be interesting. Suffice to say, that has been the case here.
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Poster two, you have serious issues. To read into that quote that the group are saying they are the only group playing raw, aggressive music in Toronto is ridiculous. And what is the writer supposed to do? He obviously hasn't heard the record yet because it's not even out and was just announced. All he can do is take the band's word for it as to what they are about and sound like. Don't shit on him if you don't like Greys' message.

But, yeah, how dare you, Exclaim! Cover news like Pitchfork does -- post an album cover, release date, label and tracklist, and be done with it. Screw this whole "let's actually write something and say a bit about the band/album" approach when announcing albums. Because obviously dudes can't be bothered to read correctly.
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"They simply display the raw, aggressive, yet artful and progressive traits bands haven't shown off in over a decade -- especially in their hometown."

There's no "reading into" anything here. The above quote is obviously trying to draw a line between this band and the rest of Toronto. Goodnightcigarettes, you are just wrong. If the writer hasn't heard the band and doesn't have anything better to say, he should not write the article, rather than quoting verbatim from a boastful press release. It's lazy and pointless. Exclaim's writers need to work harder on their craft.

But its okay to "shit on" commenters, right? We are trying to hold "Canada's Music Authority" accountable to its readers. If they want to make claims of authority, they should know better than to publish this kind of lackluster journalism. That point has been made repeatedly on this site.
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It's obvious you're not a big online music news reader and are unfamiliar with the way these stories are usually played by media outlets. Good luck with your quest, though.
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Wrong again, goodnightcigarettes.

As a lifelong music fan, I read all of the major music news outlets, including websites. I am also a longtime supporter of Exclaim (or I was until they started hiring all these terrible writers). I've been reading this rag for a long time, so trust me when I say the standards have slipped significantly. Just because everyone else is descending into limp journalism doesn't mean Exclaim has to follow.

I'm also a journalist, by trade and education, and what I am saying is taught in every journalism school across this county. Quoting a press release is NOT NEWS- it is regurgitation. Imagine if all of the news outlets in Canada reported every government press release as fact. Just because the announcement is made doesn't make it so. Press releases require reality checks in order to be properly contextualized. Why does this basic principle not apply to music journalism?

As for your approach: It's a lot more fun to make disparaging assumptions about the person you're speaking to than actually respond to their statement, isn't it?
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You wanna play watchdog, that's cool. Just think that shitting all over Exclaim! for quoting a press release is a bit petty.
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Nameless Poseur, I think you're misunderstanding the purpose of Exclaim! news. While some may disagree, I think the nature of this content is closer to blogging than your apparently very well-educated idea of journalism. Our purpose is to inform our readers about new releases and tour dates and other interesting items, not to critically dissect those things. And often quoting the press release is better than half-assedly paraphrasing it and pretending its our own content. For the sake of full disclosure I should add that the record's tracklisting and the band's tour dates were also taken from a press release. Sorry!!!
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Once again, not the point. You used a that questionable quote from the release WITHOUT positioning it in reality or providing any context at all. If your role is not to dissect or provide any critical or editorial slant to the music news, than you need to report on all Canadian music, which obviously isn't possible. But you can't claim that the news section is free of critical bias while the rest of your content isn't. It is sad that Exclaim does not seem to value the feedback of a longtime reader.
This is fun! Your move...
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Wow dumbest argument ever. I'm sure all you sad fuckers are aging, balding, fat dicks living pay check to pay check because you're pathetic "journalists" or whatever. Of all the things you could shit on a magazine about and then defend, this is just retarded. More Beefs 2011 please.
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I agree with the above. Anyone who complains about exclaim news is a fucking embarassing know-it-all. A band has an ep and tour dates, who the fuck cares, why are you arguing about this news story? Go to pitchfork news and cry in the comments you motherfuckers
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What started as a healthy and intelligent debate has descended into open name-calling. It's unfortunate that certain people cannot understand the purpose of such a discourse.
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its obvious this dude knows the band personally and is jealous.
whats that like? while this band is out making cool music youre sitting there jerking off to this comments sections.
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