Top Punk Bands That Will Never Reunite

> Jul 07 2014

Top Punk Bands That Will Never Reunite
By Jason SchreursIt's normal to have deeply rooted hopes that some of our favourite, long-ago-broken-up punk bands will somehow reunite and bring us rushing back to that perfect time when we first heard them. Well, unless you are one of those few diehards who claim reunions would only tarnish the original music, to which we say, "Pffffft!"

A long-awaited reunion happened with Pixies, it happened with Misfits (although with Glenn Danzig's name firmly attached), it even kind of happened with Nirvana (minus Kurt, of course). But there are some bands that, for a variety of hair-pulling reasons, will probably never reunite, despite having the benefit of members who are A) breathing and B) physically able to make it happen. Egos, lawsuits, decades-old hurt feelings and flame wars will always get in the way of music, so here are some punk bands who we won't see back onstage anytime in the foreseeable future.

Top Punk Bands That Will Never Reunite:

5. Crass

Although one of this infamous anarchist punk collective's singers, Steve Ignorant, took Crass songs on the road in 2011, and was even joined for select shows by co-vocalists Penny Rimbaud and Eve Libertine, the chances of a full-fledged band reunion were quelled by Ignorant's proclamation at the end of that tour that it would be the last time he ever sang those songs. Being an anarchist collective means there could always be another ex-member crawling out of an Essex squat to relaunch the Crass revolution, but without Ignorant involved, it just wouldn't be the same. Chumbawamba though? Now there's a much more likely anarchist collective band reunion scenario.

4. Operation Ivy/Jawbreaker/Bikini Kill

Co-listed at number four, there's only a remote glimmer of hope that any of these three reunions could ever come to fruition. The main barrier for Operation Ivy, Jawbreaker or Bikini Kill redux appears to be other projects. Both camps in the OpIvy case (singer Jesse Michaels and the Rancid guys) have been busy since the band's breakup in 1989, although Michaels has been known to join Rancid during live shows. But even a collaboration last year between Michaels and guitarist Tim Armstrong for the Tim Timebomb 7-inch series didn't seem to ignite the "Unity" fires. Meanwhile, Jawbreaker's Blake Schwarzenbach has steadfastly denied constant rumours of the band getting back together since their breakup in 1996 while he continues to pursue a modest solo career after being in a string of Jawbreaker-esque bands. As for Bikini Kill, with singer Kathleen Hanna's recent health problems, and the newfound prominence of her solo-project-turned-band the Julie Ruin (including BK bassist Kathi Wilcox), some reunion naysayers believe the band that helped turn riot grrrl into an international movement were just one of those "time and a place" groups. Again, we say, "Pffffft!"

3. Hüsker Dü

The vitriol between the ex-members of seminal Midwestern pop punk band Hüsker Dü is legendary. And although band members Bob Mould and Grant Hart have been known to briefly share a stage, like in 2004 when they played two songs together during a benefit concert for ailing Soul Asylum bass player Karl Mueller, Mould is always quick to remind us that we shouldn't have any "false hope" for any kind of full-fledged reunion. As Mould happily plays Dü songs during his rejuvenated solo career, and with no imminent reconciliation between the three band members for whatever happened on those dark, lonely punk rock roads during the '80s (rumours swirl about drug abuse and caustic infighting), this one just ain't happenin', folks.

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Did anyone else notice that Henry Rollins, Black Flag, Glen Danzig and the Misfits all played at Amnesia Rock Fest this year? If they could get over their hang ups they could have just walked on stage together and had the greatest impromptu reunions ever.
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Whoever wrote this forgot the Misfits.

When I saw Danzig last August the crowd was RABID when Doyle came out to do some Misfits songs. If they ever got back together with Jerry Only they would make SO MUCH MONEY.
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