Thurston Moore Says New Sonic Youth Album Inspired By the Wipers

> Jan 16 2009

Thurston Moore Says New Sonic Youth Album Inspired By the Wipers
By Brock ThiessenJust when we thought Sonic Youth were giving us the silent treatment, Thruston Moore popped up twice this week to give us a little status update on the group's upcoming Matador debut.

Earlier this week, Moore told us to expect "juicy supersonic songs" on SY's new record and that the band were playing with the album title The Eternal. Now, he has emerged again to drop word Sonic Youth are taking cues from the near-legendary punk outfit the Wipers on the new record and to promise a whole lot of "heavy ass weirdo hooks."

In a new interview with Billboard, Moore said of the album: "When I started writing, I was immersed in listening to the Wipers. 'No Way,' the first song we recorded, has a total Wipers vibe, if the Wipers were a no wave band."

Moore went on to say that the band's lyrics these days are being inspired by black metal bands, of all things, and compared the new track "Leaky Life Boat" to being alive in a sinking ship, while the song "Burning Shame" is a tribute to the late Fred "Sonic" Smith.

"We're super inspired to make a fresh start," Moore told Billboard. "We're glad to be dealing with a label that loves songs."

"It's rock-centric, but still experimental. We're still Sonic Youth. I still don't know how to play the guitar."

Moore did not confirm whether The Eternal would indeed be the album title but did say the band are aiming to release the record this summer.

The Wipers "Born with a Course"
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