Thrice Announce 'Major/Minor' LP

> Jun 07 2011

Thrice Announce 'Major/Minor' LP
By Alex HudsonIt's been almost two years since we last heard an album from Thrice, which means it's about time that the unpredictable post-hardcore crew dropped some new material. Sure enough, the Californian rockers have announced that their latest full-length is on the way.

Entitled Major/Minor, it's scheduled to drop September 20 through the band's usual home of Vagrant Records. The album was produced by Dave Schiffman, largely at Red Bull Studios in Santa Monica, CA. Schiffman has worked with Thrice before -- as a mixer on 2009's Beggars and as an engineer on 2005's Vheissu.

As for what fans can expect the new recordings to sound like, Thrice previously wrote, "We have really been trying to be observant of flow, tempo, key, dynamics and the storyline of the song. This has meant multiple key changes, tempo changes, and adjustments to dynamics that change mood, flow and synergy between instruments."

Thrice have clearly been working fast, since they only started recording in early May. Since then, they've posted a series of studio videos, which you can check out over at Vimeo. The latest is below.

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