Thomas D'Arcy Pays Tribute to the Monks with Members of Sloan, New Pornographers, Change of Heart

> Jul 11 2012

Thomas D'Arcy Pays Tribute to the Monks with Members of Sloan, New Pornographers, Change of Heart
By Alex HudsonAlthough the Monks hailed from England, the late '70s/early '80s punk act found their greatest success here in Canada. It's only appropriate, then, that Toronto-based songwriter Thomas D'Arcy (formerly of Small Sins) is spearheading a tribute to the long-lost band that will result in a star-studded studio album and live show.

The album is called Thomas D'Arcy Presents: A Tribute to the Monks, and it will posted as a free download on D'Arcy's website come July 24. It features such guests as John Ford of the Monks, Chris Murphy (Sloan), John Kastner (Doughboys), Ian Blurton (C'mon, Change of Heart), Chris Colohan (Cursed, Burning Love), Dave Gilby (Pursuit of Happiness) and Kurt and Ryan Dahle (New Pornographers, Limblifter).

Many of these guests will show up at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto on July 26 for a tribute show. John Ford will be participating in the night's collaborative performances, in addition to playing a short solo set of his own.

To make the night extra special, EMI will present Ford with a double platinum record for the Monks' 1979 album Bad Habits.

In other D'Arcy news, the songwriter recently announced that he has abandoned his Small Sins moniker. Instead, he will release subsequent music under his own name and has a solo album due out later this year.

Thomas D'Arcy Presents: A Tribute to the Monks:

1. Johnny B Rotton
2. Drugs in My Pocket
3. Love in Stereo
4. Bad Habits
5. Spotty Face
6. Dear Jerry, Don't Try to Kill Me with You Love, Norman
7. Nice Legs Shame About Her Face
8. Inter-City Kitty
9. Out of Work Musician
10. Ain't Gettin' Any
11. No Shame
12. Skylab (Theme from the Monks)

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At one time this was an absolute favourite album of mine and I am going to miss the show.
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