The Swell Season Captured in New Documentary

> Sep 27 2011

The Swell Season Captured in New Documentary
By Gregory AdamsConsidering the musical partnership between Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova first blossomed in the 2006 movie Once, the announcement of a new documentary highlighting their project the Swell Season seems perfectly natural. The new picture, fittingly titled The Swell Season, centres on the relationship, both professional and personal, between the songwriting duo.

While they originally played on-screen lovers in the music-geared drama Once, The Swell Season will showcase how their romance grew off camera. The doc will also cover the early days of the band, as they too developed beyond the initial celluloid songwriting partnership to release a couple well-loved albums.

There will no doubt be some hardship in the flick -- Hansard and Irglova are no longer a couple, and it's possible The Swell Season could touch on that terrible fan suicide at a concert of theirs in 2010 -- but as the tender trailer reveals, it seems the outfit have persevered.

The Swell Season is to start hitting theatres this October.

In other related news, as previously reported, Irglova's solo debut Anar arrives October 11 via Anti.

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