Snoop Dogg Releases Book You Can Light Up and Smoke

> Apr 05 2012

Snoop Dogg Releases Book You Can Light Up and Smoke
By Alex HudsonAt this point, even folks with little interest in rap or marijuana culture know that Snoop Dogg is a massive pothead. It's only natural, then, that the weed-advocating hip-hop star will be releasing a lyric book with a dope-friendly twist.

The book is called Rolling Words: A Smokable Songbook. Amazingly, it's made out of hemp-related materials. The Dieline [via The Daily Swarm] reports that the cover, binding and lining are fashioned out of hemp seed paper. The spine, meanwhile, is a striking surface for matches. The pages contain the lyrics to some of Snoop's best songs, which have been written in non-toxic ink.

It gets crazier: the pages are detachable, meaning that you can tear them out and use them to roll your cigarette (or joint, as the case may be). So this book actually doubles as a pack of rolling papers.

It's unclear exactly how and when this book will be released, since it was created as a promotion for Snoop Dogg's own King Size Slim Rolling Papers by agency Pereira & O'Dell. But this is obviously way too cool not to see some sort of release, so there are talks of putting it out as a limited-edition online release. Somehow we can't imagine Chapters carrying copies, but you never know.

In related news, festivalgoers at this year's Coachella will be able to sample Snoop's rolling papers by tearing off detachable tabs from posters. It's an idea that would make the herb-grinding Wavves proud.

Also, Snoop is dropping the Stoners EP on 4/20, of course.

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Snoop Dogg as everyone knows is very cool, and doing an awesome campaign in all his incredible ways to help end this unjust war against marijuana, happily a war that will soon be over (we win). Thanks, Bruce Perlowin "The King of Pot" and CEO - Marijuana, Inc. (
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