SNFU to Return with 'Never Trouble Trouble Until Trouble Troubles You'

> May 23 2013

SNFU to Return with 'Never Trouble Trouble Until Trouble Troubles You'
By Gregory AdamsIt's been almost 10 years since SNFU served up their last LP, In the Meantime and in Between Time, but the Canadian hardcore pioneers make their comeback this fall with their next full-length effort, Never Trouble Trouble Until Trouble Troubles You. A firm street date has yet to be announced, but Cruzar Media has confirmed the LP arrives sometime in September.

SNFU had previously revealed plans for the LP in January on their blog, noting that founding vocalist Mr. Chi Pig and members Jon Card, Sean Colig, Ken Flemming and Kerry Cyr were "preparing the ancient art of guttural, from the heart, defiant music." This is the first album in the SNFU catalogue to not feature founding guitarist Marc "Muc" Belke, but it marks the return of drummer Card, who first played with the band on 1986's If You Swear You'll Catch No Fish

"The band hit it out of the park, and Chi pulled some amazing lyrics out of his ass, big time," Card told the Georgia Straight. "It's some of the best stuff I've heard Chi come up with." 

While a tracklisting has yet to arrive for the LP, Vancouverites are getting the chance to hear the set ahead of its September street date at a free listening party at the city's WISE Hall on June 1. The event also has Skull Skates selling a limited run of 50 skateboard decks that display Chi Pig's likeness.

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I'll miss Belke but I'm pumped about this album!!!
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If this helps Mr. Chi Pig stay off the streets and take care of his health, the album could suck twelve ways from Sunday and I'll buy a copy (even at the ridiculous pre-order price.)
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