Small Black Cover Best Coast on New Single

> Nov 09 2010

Small Black Cover Best Coast on New Single
By Alex HudsonWith their debut LP, New Chain, out now via Jagjaguwar, Brooklyn, NY's Small Black are looking to cement their reputation as one of the most successful bands to emerge from the recent chillwave craze. Now, they're getting set to release a seven-inch for their single "Photojournalist," which will come backed with a cover of another one of indiedom's most buzz-worthy bands: Best Coast.

Small Black will be taking on "Sun Was High (So Was I)," the single that first got Best Coast noticed in the summer of 2009. Best Coast released the song on seven-inch via Art Fag, but it didn't make the cut for the album, Crazy for You, earlier this year.

The new seven-inch will be out on December 7 via Jagjaguwar. The cover version should be interesting, as the electro band will likely offer a very different take on the scuzzy, guitar-driven original. According to MBV, it's been called a "dreamix."

In other exciting Best Coast news, the band announced on Twitter that they will be going on a U.S. tour with Wavves in January/February. The schedule has not yet been revealed. Best Coast frontwoman Bethany Cosentino is dating Wavves leader Nathan Williams.

Small Black, meanwhile, are currently in the midst of a North American tour of their own. See the schedule here.

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