Slim Twig Recruits Owen Pallett for 'A Hound at the Hem'

> Oct 11 2012

Slim Twig Recruits Owen Pallett for 'A Hound at the Hem'
By Alex HudsonWhen Slim Twig announced his Sof' Sike album a few months ago, the sonically adventurous rock'n'roller promised that his next full-length would be close behind. Sure enough, he has now unveiled his second LP in just a few months. Entitled A Hound at the Hem, it will drop on November 6 via Calico Corp/Pleasence Records.

The album was created primarily in collaboration with Louis Percival, but it also features input from Meg Remy of U.S. Girls (whose new album Slim Twig produced), Carl Didur and Tim Westberg. String arrangements were created by Owen Pallett. More detailed credits can be read on Bandcamp.

The eight-song collection was primarily recorded on Toronto Island last year. It is a tribute to Vladimir Nabokov's novel Lolita and Serge Gainsbourg's Histoire De Melody Nelson, with a psychedelic sound that apparently acts as the counterpoint to Sof' Sike's comparatively gentle style.

See the tracklist below and the album cover above. At the bottom page is the inventive, ornately arranged opening track "Heavy Splendour."

A Hound at the Hem:

1. Heavy Splendour
2. Clerical Collar
3. Widow, You were Younger
4. Shroud by the Sheetful
5. All the Wanting
6. Hover on a Sliver
7. Maintain the Charade
8. Blonde Ascending, Come into the Clatter

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