Slayer Set to Work on New Studio Album and EP

> Mar 28 2012

Slayer Set to Work on New Studio Album and EP
By Gregory AdamsBetween guitarist Jeff Hanneman's bout with flesh-eating disease and bassist Tom Araya's hospitalization after suffering from vertigo due to extreme dehydration, thrash masters Slayer had a pretty intense 2011. Things are looking up for the gloomy metal giants, though, as they've announced their next big move, and are currently in the beginning stages of prepping an as-yet-untitled 12th full-length.

Speaking with the Nervous Breakdown [via Blabbermouth], drummer Dave Lombardo confirmed that the group have already whipped up a good chunk of material to put towards a follow-up to 2009's World Painted Blood.

"Kerry [King, guitar] and I are writing new material. We have nine songs and everything's moving forward," Lombardo confided.

While proper plans for the next album appear to be a ways off, the speedy drum icon hinted that the group will deliver a bite-sized blast beforehand.

"We're going to do a three- or four-song EP to keep the fans pacified until we come out with the full-length record," he said, adding, "Kind of like what we did with [World Painted Blood single] 'Psychopathy Red,' which was like a two-song 45."

When asked what the new tunes sound like, Lombardo apparently deadpanned, "Slayer." So, naturally, fans can expect Araya's gravely growl, thrash beats galore and at least 100 King-delivered dive-bomb solos. The Slaytanic Wehrmacht wouldn't have it any other way.

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