Slava Offers 'Raw Solutions' on Software Debut

> Feb 13 2013

Slava Offers 'Raw Solutions' on Software Debut
By Josiah HughesChicago-via-Russia electronic producer Slava has slowly been building a name for himself with a beloved live set and a handful of EPs. This spring, however, the 23-year-old will make his first complete statement via his debut album.

The record's called Raw Solutions, and his label suggests that it continues along the same sonic path he's been treading for a while. That means sample-heavy Chicago house with small doses of R&B and hip-hop to keep things interesting.

A press release explains that the lines between electronic production and live performance have also been blurred, writing, "Slava's method draws from his live performances. Tracks were largely recorded in one take, directly from a Korg Electribe ESX. Vocal samples abound in Slava's work, but they are so artfully woven into the production that the contrast between production and foraged sounds is almost entirely blurred."

Software will issue Raw Solutions on April 23. Lead single "On It" can be streamed below.

Raw Solutions:

1. Werk

2. Girl Like Me

3. Heartbroken

4. I Know

5. Girls on Dick

6. Wait

7. On It

8. Hold On

9. Crazy Bout U

10 How U Get That

11. Doit

12. Wit U

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