Shout Out Out Out Out Offshoot Wet Secrets Dole Out 'Free Candy' on New LP, Premiere New Video

> Nov 06 2013

Shout Out Out Out Out Offshoot Wet Secrets Dole Out 'Free Candy' on New LP, Premiere New Video
By Alex HudsonEdmonton pop outfit the Wet Secrets have been relatively quiet over the last few years, as the band members have been focused on other projects (including co-founder Lyle Bell's involvement in Shout Out Out Out Out). Now, they're finally back with a new album, Free Candy, which arrives independently on February 4.

The release was recorded this past July with producer Nik Kozub (Cadence Weapon, Shout Out Out Out Out, Whitehorse). A press release promises that it includes more of the "frantic pop" that the band are known for, but with a darker undercurrent; Free Candy is apparently a "well-conceived quasi-concept album about sex, death and the human condition."

Scroll past the tracklist below to watch a cat-friendly lyric video for the bouncy pop cut "Sunshine." The tune lives up to its title with punchy bass grooves and effervescent vocal harmonies.

Along with Bell, Trevor Anderson and Kim Rackel, the Wet Secrets' five-piece lineup now includes newcomers Paul Arnusch and Emma Frazier. Free Candy is their third full-length; it follows 2007's Rock Fantasy and 2005's A Whale of a Cow.

Free Candy:

1. Maybe We'll Make a Plan
2. Sunshine
3. Kill My Love
4. Nightlife
5. Get Your Shit Together
6. Animals in Disguise
7. Floating in the Sky
8. I Don't Think So
9. Chains
10. Death of the Party
11. Whatt's the Fucking Point? (Zenko's Theme)

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