Sam Roberts Band Guitarist Dave Nugent Goes Solo as the Last Sun

> Jun 18 2013

Sam Roberts Band Guitarist Dave Nugent Goes Solo as the Last Sun
By Alex HudsonMontreal's Dave Nugent plays lead guitar in the Sam Roberts Band, but he'll be showing off his songwriting chops this month the release of his debut EP as the Last Sun. The self-titled collection will be out on June 25.

The four-song collection was recorded with Blinker the Star's Jordon Zadorozny at French Kiss studio in Pembroke, ON. The whole thing was completed in five days, with Zadorozny contributing drums, along with producing and mixing.

"Jordon showed me how to construct a song, and go with my first instincts," Nugent said in a statement. "There was never much thinking after an idea was put down, just keep moving forward until your mind was spent, and the song felt complete. Jordan doesn't push you, he lets all your ideas come out and picks the ones that work for the tune."

That's the album cover above. Below, check out the grooving, riff-rocking pop tune "Such a Fan."

The EP is digital-only and will be available through iTunes.

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good job Nuge! sounds awesome.

Franco, Windsor
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I like it a lot.
I understand all the words.
And love the music.
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