Rush Ready 'Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland'

> Sep 23 2011

Rush Ready 'Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland'
By Gregory AdamsWithout a doubt, classic rock heroes Rush have released a lot of tunes since the Canadian band started issuing albums in the '70s. Just as prolific as their studio output, however, is their arsenal of live albums. So it's no surprise they will release a new one this year, with the band unveiling their latest concert collection, Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland.

According to a press release, true to its name, the new two-disc package was recorded this past April at Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena. Interestingly, this is the first Rush live album to be recorded in the U.S. The choice to capture a concert in Cleveland is "a deliberate nod of gratitude to the first city to support Rush on its radio airwaves."

On top of the regular assortment of classic cuts, the tour was notable for having Rush play their classic 1981 album Moving Pictures, which featured "Tom Sawyer" and "YYZ," in its entirety. Since the album was played mid-set, the songs are split up between the discs.

Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland will be released by Anthem/Roadrunner Records on November 8 on CD, vinyl and digital formats. A companion film called, what else, Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland will be issued on Blu-ray and DVD the same day via Rounder Records in the U.S. and Eagle Rock Entertainment abroad.

As exciting as the live package is, diehards are no doubt chomping at the bit for new material. Good news for them: the band are hitting the studio this fall to resume work on their upcoming 20th album, Clockwork Angels. A street date has yet to be announced, but the full-length is expected in 2012.

Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland:

Disc 1:

1. "The Spirit Of Radio"

2. "Time Stand Still"

3. "Presto"

4. "Stick It Out"

5. "Workin' Them Angels"

6. "Leave That Thing Alone"

7. "Faithless"

8. "BU2B"

9. "Free Will"

10. "Marathon"

11. "Subdivisions"

12. "Tom Sawyer"

13. "Red Barchetta"

14. "YYZ"

15. "Limelight"

Disc 2:

1. "The Camera Eye"

2. "Witch Hunt"

3. "Vital Signs"

4. "Caravan"
5. "Moto Perpetuo (featuring Love For Sale)"

6. "O'Malley's Break"

7. "Closer To The Heart"

8. "Overture/The Temples of Syrinx"

9. "Far Cry"

10. "La Villa Strangiato"

11. "Working Man"

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Saw that show, it's pretty good.
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they do release a stupid amount of live albums. hell the last album before this one was a live album
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Incredible tour by the best band ever! can't wait!
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I love these guys, but who the fuck do they think they are? The Grateful Dead?
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