R.I.P. Todd Simko of Pure

> Apr 26 2012

R.I.P. Todd Simko of Pure
By Daniel SylvesterThis morning (April 26) Jordy Birch of '90s Canadian alt-rock band Pure announced the passing of his former bandmate Todd Simko.

On Birch's Facebook page, the Vancouver vocalist wrote, "Todd Simko, Thanks for lending me all of your cool New Wave records when we were kids. You were my brother. I will miss you forever. R.I.P."

At press time, the cause of death has not been specified.

In 1980, guitarist Simko, along with Birch on bass, formed After All in Surrey, BC, adding drummer Leigh Grant and vocalist Scott Acomba. After a brief name change to Grin Factory and the addition of David Hadley on bass, Birch replaced the departed Acomba on vocals, and Pure was born in early '91.

The quartet released three LPs between 1992 and 1998 during the alt-rock boom, before disbanding in 2000, citing "musical differences."

Simko went on to co-write some of Pure's most popular tunes, including "Spiritual Pollution" and "Lemonade," along with their two most noted compositions "Blast" (reaching No. 22 on Billboard's Modern Rock Chart in America) and "Greedy" (which appeared in Ralph Bakshi's 1992 Brad Pitt/Kim Basinger film Cool World).

After Pure's breakup, Simko began a second career as a producer, working on albums for Starkicker, Xavier Rudd, the Organ and old friend Jordy Birch.

Simko is survived by his wife Minna and their daughter.

UPDATE: Minna Simko has offered the following statement on Facebook concerning her husband's passing:

"Todd may your soul be finally at peace. You are not only the most fantastic father and husband one could have, but also you were also a great friend, musician, teacher, guide, mentor and music engineer.

"The music community has suffered now a great loss and talent. Not only did you touch all the hearts of people in music but also in the lives of family, my peers and especially our daughters friends and family. You will forever remain close by in our hearts and you will be greatly missed by all."

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PURE was a great band live...RIP.
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I knew this most humble and genuine man first as a father at the school our daughters attend together. Her daughter and mine have been in classes together from K-3 and are good friends. I had no idea of how many lives he's touched and influenced without thought of return. This make his passing all the more profound. My first impressions of him were of a kind and gentle person with a free spirit. We immediately connected through our passions for music. I only regret that I didn't meet him sooner. Todd will be missed by a great many people.
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todd is awesome

this website is shit
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