Rihanna Reveals $250 'Unapologetic' Box Set

> Oct 30 2012

Rihanna Reveals $250 'Unapologetic' Box Set
By Gregory AdamsLast month, global pop music superstar Rihanna announced her next full-length outing, Unapologetic. Her seventh studio album drops November 19, and super fans looking to nab something a little more hardcore than the standard edition can get their paws on some fancy (read: pricey) deluxe box sets next month.

Rihanna's website unapologetically unveiled two separate high-price-point box sets for the album that will arrive the same day as the regular set. The first is titled the Diamonds Deluxe Box Set, which comes packaged with a deluxe version of the CD that includes a 28-page booklet of art and photos and a live DVD featuring footage from a sold-out show in London.

On top of the tunes, it features a grab bag of ephemera, like a "conflict-free" diamond bracelet featuring a "black leather band with a brass disc and 1pt diamond packaged in a signature R logo card and plastic wrap." Less glitzy items include laptop stickers, a T-shirt and a poster. It runs for $79 U.S.

The Diamonds Executive Box Set packages all of the above with perhaps one of the strangest promotional items we've heard of in some time: a custom-made white Viewmaster offering a "Rihanna 3D Experience." The retro toy will be loaded with "a collectible vintage reel of never-before-released 3D images depicting Rihanna's iconic style transformation."

The Executive box also includes a limited-edition slab of vinyl sporting a remix of "Diamonds," a 2GB USB flash drive stocked with photos and videos, seven 12x15 lithographs, a handwritten note from Rihanna, and three adhesives to toss on your iPhone. The monstrous set will run you $250.

Pre-orders are being taken now.

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