The Rheostatics Cancel Toronto "Rheunion" Shows

> Nov 26 2012

The Rheostatics Cancel Toronto "Rheunion" Shows
By Gregory AdamsIf you were looking forward to Canadian rock unit the Rheostatics upcoming "rheunion" shows at Toronto's Horseshoe Tavern next month, we have some bad news. The band have just announced that they've cancelled their two-night stand.

Guitarist Dave Bidini broke the news on his Facebook page today (November 26), explaining that guitarist Martin Tielli "is unable to perform at this time." It's unclear at present exactly what that implies, but Bidini noted that refunds for the December 5 show and the two scheduled December 6 performances are available from the venue.

"We tried hard to make it work, but could not," Bidini added. "I am terribly sorry and devastated by this transgression. We love you all so very much for your support."

The Rheostatics last reunited in 2009 for a two-song performance ("Claire" and "Dope Fiends and Boozehounds") at Toronto's International Festival of Authors. The now-cancelled performances were meant to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the Horseshoe Tavern.

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this totally sucks...
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Sooo... anybody want a good deal on a flight from Winnipeg or a hotel room downtown Toronto? Seems I won't be needing them anymore...
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I knew it was too good to be true. This afternoon I was talking to a buddy who was to go with me to the show, and it almost seemed surreal that it was happening. GOOD, GONE, RHEDEAD.
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