Remy Shand Finally Returns with New Music

> May 23 2013

Remy Shand Finally Returns with New Music
By Alex HudsonRemember Remy Shand? He's a Winnipeg R&B singer who signed to Motown Records and scored a hit with his 2002 album The Way I Feel (including songs like "Take a Message" and "Rocksteady"). It looks like Shand may finally be venturing out from the "where are they now?" pile, since he's recently uploaded a few new tracks to YouTube.

As Soul Bounce points out, Shand posted a soulful new tune called "Where Are We Going?," along with a vintage-looking found footage video. According to the caption accompanying the clip, Shand played all of the instruments and recorded and mixed it himself at Hollywood Dan's Sound Lair.

CORRECTION: As a commenter has pointed out, "Where Are We Going?" was actually written by Marvin Gaye.

He additionally posted a bedroom keyboard jam called "Rollergirls," along with the message, "Live looper jam from my bedroom. Crank up your subs!! Please feel free to add some tracks to this, sing over it, or just whatever! Make some art using what I've done as the foundation. Re-post it after you've added something and send me the link so I can put it up here. I'd love to hear what you come up with :)"

He also posted two songs — "Lust" and "Mark Gonzales" — under the band name Canary, writing, "Canary is the 4 track cassette project of musician Remy Shand." The song "Lust" reportedly dates back to 1997.

It's unclear at this point whether these songs will represent a full-blown comeback for the reclusive musician, or if he will now go into hibernation for another decade. In any case, these latest developments may finally give the folks at Where's Remy Shand? some answers.

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Finally returns?
Who would even think of something so fuckin lame then have the grapes to type it...
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"Where Are We Going" is a Marvin Gaye song found on the Deluxe Edition of 'Let's Get It On':
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I love live music and I seen hundreds for performers over the years. I was truly blessed to have the opportunity to see Remy Shand live at Saint Andrews back in April of 2002. To say I was blown alway is an understatement! He was alone on stage playing all these different instruments while sounding like a cross between Steve Wonder and Marvin Gaye. I was awestruck!

I've seen amazing concerts like Prince, Eric Clapton, The Barenaked Ladies, Santana and Stevie Ray Vaughn 2 weeks before he passed away. As amazing all those acts were Remy left me enchanted and wanting more. I loved his debut album and then he all but vanished. He became this mythical creature to me. All these years I've consistently search for the elusive concert date- I was ready to travel by plane if I could just see him perform one more time. I did my search again today, I'd all but lost hope. Searching for Remy has just become a habit after all these years...

Then during today search I see he's just put a cover of Marvin Gaye's "Where Are We Going?" on YouTube. Stop the presses! Are you Freakin' kiddin' me? REMY ARE YOU COMING BACK? YOU'RE MY BOBBY FISHER! I'M SO EXCITED I CAN'T STAND IT! PLEASE DON'T TEASE ME REMY! Come back to me... Come back to us... We've never stopped loving you.
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