Read A Conversation With Gob's Tom Thacker

> Feb 12 2009

Read A Conversation With Gob's Tom Thacker
Head over to Exclaim!'s Conversations section and you'll see we have a brand new web-exclusive interview with Tom Thacker, the head punker of Vancouver's Gob. Click here to read contributor Travis Persaud's Q&A with Thacker, who took some time to talk with Exclaim! about Gob's current tour, cavity searches and his, um, love for the accordion.

Here's just a taste:

You've been doing Gob for 15 years now. Are you surprised it has lasted this long?
Tom Thacker: Definitely. I think that when we first started out we never really had any thoughts of anything. I just wanted to get the hell out of suburban Vancouver and see the world. And then things just got busier and busier and I don't think we've really thought about it. But looking back, yeah. I mean, now we've come to an age where everyone can release a record basically. But not everyone can do what we've done. It's definitely surprising. There are a lot of bands out there, and we're one that have stuck around doing this - we've done a lot of shit. We've toured the world, basically, played every type of venue and had these experiences that a lot of bands want to have.

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