Pick a Piper Book Ontario/Quebec Tour, Unveil New Music Video

> Feb 14 2013

Pick a Piper Book Ontario/Quebec Tour, Unveil New Music Video
By Alex HudsonPick a Piper recently signed with Mint Records for their self-titled debut, and now the group — led by live Caribou percussionist Brad Weber — have unveiled a music video and tour in support of the forthcoming disc.

The outing runs from late March through most of April. It consists of 12 shows in Ontario and Quebec, and includes a stop at Canadian Music Week in Toronto. See the schedule below.

As for the aforementioned music video, it's for the previously unveiled album cut "All Her Colours," which features Enon/Brainiac member John Schmersal on vocals. The clip was written and directed by Matt Yarrington with animation from Sarah Winters.

Weber said in a statement, "The director had made these manic animations that combined lifelike colourful cut-out shapes and stop motion with obviously computer generated content. I was really impressed and got in touch about doing a video for Pick a Piper. He took things one step further with this video and incorporated lots of live action too. But the entire video feels like a surreal animation, packed with about as much content as you could possibly squeeze into four minutes."

Scroll past the tour dates to watch the video.

Tour dates:

3/24 Toronto, ON - Rancho Relaxo (Canadian Music Week)
4/3 Waterloo, ON - Starlight
4/4 Sherbrooke, QC - La Petite Boite Noire
4/5 Montreal, QC - Quai des Brumes
4/6 Quebec City, QC - L'Agite
4/7 Ottawa, ON - Pressed Cafe
4/11 Guelph, ON - E-Bar
4/12 Hamilton, ON - Homegrown
4/13 Toronto, ON - Rivoli
4/14 Oshawa, ON - Moustache Club
4/19 London, ON - APK
4/20 Windsor, ON - Phog Lounge

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