Pearl Jam and Mudhoney Teaming Up for Canadian Tour

> Apr 20 2011

Pearl Jam and Mudhoney Teaming Up for Canadian Tour
By Josiah HughesIt's been a busy year for Seattle stadium grungers Pearl Jam. We've already reported that Eddie Vedder would be releasing a solo album, alongside reissues of Vitalogy and Vs., and a documentary planned for release. Then there's the news that the group are at work on a new album. In other words, it would appear that 2011 couldn't get any better for Pearl Jam fans. But we're about to prove it can be by announcing plans for a cross-Canada tour.

The news comes via fellow Pacific Northwest grunge legends Mudhoney, who announced that they will join Pearl Jam for a Canadian trek this fall.

Seattle's 107.7 The End points to a tweet from Mudhoney, who write, "Mudhoney to tour Canada with Pearl Jam (and do their own gigs) in September. So far: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver."

For now, that's all we know, but a tour of Canada hopefully means they will be hitting many of the cities in between the eastern and western cities.

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Or even the ones east of Montreal, making it an actual cross Canada tour instead of partial.
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Don't forget Newfoundland! We loved PJ in 2005!
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A calgary date is going to be announced on Tuesday
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Love Pearl Jam. Check out this clip from the Cameron Crowe Pearl Jam Documentary coming out in September:
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