Pantychrist's Danielle Delottinville Sentenced to Three Years in Jail After Robbery/Murder Charge

> Jun 27 2012

Pantychrist's Danielle Delottinville Sentenced to Three Years in Jail After Robbery/Murder Charge
By Gregory AdamsDanielle Delottinville, the vocalist for Hamilton, ON punk group Pantychrist, has been sentenced to three years in prison over her involvement in a robbery that resulted in the death of antiques dealer Jessie Kovacs last December.

According to the Hamilton Spectator [via Spinner], 28-year-old Delottinville pled guilty to the robbery charge in Ontario Superior Court yesterday (June 26). While previously accused of first degree murder, that charge was withdrawn. The singer has been in custody since January 18, and the time served applies to the sentence. She will serve another 28 months behind bars.

Delottinville was reportedly addicted to heroin and prescription drugs at the time of the incident. According to Crown attorney Tim Power, two co-accused men went to Kovacs's apartment to steal prescription drugs, while Delottinville supplied the victim's address. Kovacs, whom the singer already knew, had been suffering from cancer and was apparently taking medication.

While Delottinville pled guilty to the robbery, it was determined she wasn't at the apartment at the time of Kovacs's death. She was aware, however, that Kovacs would be restrained against his will.

"She understood that the victim would be restrained, but did not think he would be 'beaten up,' because she knew he would not be able to fight back due to his medical condition," Power added.

Kovacs had his hands tied behind his back with a flexible cuff and duct tape when he was found at his home by police.

"I just want to apologize for what I did under the influence of drugs," Delottinville told the court. "When I eventually get out of jail, I don't want to go back to drugs again."

Defence lawyer Larissa Fedak went on to say that the singer is currently entertaining fellow inmates at the Hamilton-Wentworth Detention Centre, noting, "She is a talented musician. She was in a punk rock group, but in custody she has moved more into rock'n'roll."

The rest of Pantychrist, meanwhile, posted on Facebook that "Danielle is the CURRENT and ONLY singer of Pantychrist."

As the Spectator reports, the two men have been charged with first degree murder, while a third man is facing charges over counselling an accused killer to extort a murder victim. George Cooke and Matthew Cooke had been arrested with Delottinville back in January.

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