Ottawa's Arboretum Festival Gets Ohbijou, Sandro Perri, Snailhouse, Launches $15,000 Fundraising Campaign

> Jun 08 2012

Ottawa's Arboretum Festival Gets Ohbijou, Sandro Perri, Snailhouse, Launches $15,000 Fundraising Campaign
By Alex HudsonIn our festival guide, we noted that the Acorn's Rolf Klausener was involved in setting up Ottawa's Arboretum festival, which is slated to cap off the summer on September 15 at the Ottawa Jail Hostel and Arts Court.

Much of the lineup is already confirmed for the fest's inaugural year, and the performers so far include Ohbijou, Sandro Perri, Snailhouse, Shotgun Jimmy, Steamboat, Jokers of the Scene, and more. There will also be a host of local acts like Steve Adamyk Band, Crusades, Andrew Vincent and Roberta Bondar. In inaugural year total, there will be more than 25 performers playing across two stages.

These homegrown performers will set the tone for an event that promises to be heavy on regional delights. The festival's food vendors include local restaurants and emphasize produce from the area. What's more, the organizers are calling on artists to help transform the venue, so the city's visual artists are likely to contribute as well.

In order to make this planned festival a reality, however, the organizers must first complete a fundraising campaign to raise a minimum of $15,000 to help cover costs for permits, stage and equipment rentals, as well as preliminary costs. The festival is currently seeking donations through its homepage, and there are some perks for making large donations, including catered home meals and a 100-person keg party.

If you'd like to donate, do so here.

Also, for a complete list of performers and more festival information, head here.
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