Ottawa Bluesfest Reveals 2012 Lineup with Lauryn Hill, the Weeknd, Iron Maiden, Mastodon, Skrillex

> Apr 24 2012

Ottawa Bluesfest Reveals 2012 Lineup with Lauryn Hill, the Weeknd, Iron Maiden, Mastodon, Skrillex
By Gregory AdamsThe Ottawa Bluesfest was unfortunately cut short last year when a freak windstorm caused the main stage to collapse, injuring concertgoers and causing a couple of headliners to cancel their appearances. Event organizers have rebounded from the incident, however, having now announced the festival's triumphant return in 2012 with a mighty lineup that includes Lauryn Hill, the Weeknd, Deltron 3030, Iron Maiden, Dirty Projectors, Mastodon, Skrillex, and more.

Organizers have just unveiled the first wave of performers that will make their way to the LeBreton Flats & the War Museum near downtown Ottawa between July 4 and 15.

Some of the major acts also scheduled to appear include Billy Bragg, Conor Oberst, LMFAO, !!!, the Melvins, John Mellencamp, Charles Bradley, Thievery Corporation, Snoop Dogg, 10cc, David Gray, Alice Cooper, Seal and Norah Jones.

As the Bluesfest continues to pull away from its roots, the theme of this year's fest is "electro-fied," which will be reflected by sets from Tangerine Dream, Tiesto, AWOLNATION, Paul Oakenfold, A-Trak and the aforementioned Skrillex.

As for the homegrown talent, the Canadian contingent of the Ottawa Bluesfest features acts such as City and Colour, Grimes, I Mother Earth, K'naan, Blue Rodeo, Our Lady Peace, the Sheepdogs, MSTRKRFT, Rich Aucoin, Big Wreck, Nickelback, Metric, Handsome Furs, the Pack A.D., Chromeo, Plants and Animals and Sam Roberts, among others.

More artists are expected to be announced in the near future. But for now, you can get more artist information and tickets at the festival website.
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Fuck branding...time to change up that festival handle.
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HORRIBLE line up!! They call this Bluesfest?? It's a complete joke. This festival actually gets Government Grants even with all the corporate sponsorship. It's a shame. Spend your money at elsewhere people
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It doesn't get any more unimaginative than this.
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It would cost MILLIONS to rebrand after soo long.
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It would be nice to have more BLUES in a BLUES fest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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SICK LINEUP ! , Jeesus ! Its going to be mental !
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yeah weak...not imaginative at all, rockfest and osheaga are looking better and better as top priority of the summer !!!
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I think it's an awesome mixture of bands. Everyone looks forward to this festival. If you don't like the line up....don't go! There will be TUNS of people that will love it and have a great time while you who complain will sit and do nothing.

Bring on another amazing year!
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crap ...most of the main stage acts are 2 guys and a
Its a cash grab...Alot cheeper top plug in one cable to a notebook. Where the f is deadmaus for christ sake...Oh he was there last year.

BS to the extreme. Hard to find a decent rock act. But yes give up on the blues. All these festivals are the same.
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Some of you losers will never be happy. This is a great lineup and has stuff for all ages. And for God's sake, there are over 30 blues acts every year. Not on the main stage because they can't get 25,000 to watch. I like the Blues but I like variation. Stay home and sulk...who cares. Most of us will be happy and enjoy it. You might want to look at the attendance every year to see whether the lineup draws well.
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well, I have never understood the appeal of electric/dubstep/whatever its called, but obviously a lot of people around here are into it, so makes sense.

there is enough variety though and there are some good acts that I will be interested in!
It doesn't matter what the lineup is there will always be complaints by some.
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They need to change the name of the festival.
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@amy_chamberlain If you don't like people not liking the line-up, don't read this.
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This is Canada's best music festival. They just need a name change to get the angry hippies to ease up a bit.
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What happened to bands like Lynard Skynyrd, KISS, CARLOS SANTANA, Rush...etc? Those are the names that draw thousands of people to "Blues Fest". I am looking forward to seeing Iron Maiden because I missed their show a couple years ago and Alice Cooper of course. When you start bringing in names that teenagers are into, then you wont get the older crowd. I dont see any of these days breaking 15,000 people for any show other than Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden (which is on the same night anyways), and MAYBE nickelback. Mark...I hope you have an Ace up your sleeve or else this year will be a flop. By the way I'm 24 years old and most of my friends are crazy about this lineup. However; there is talent....and there is musicians. Different category in my opinion.
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Can we please rename this festival "Musicfest" or something so that the bluesfans can stfu already. Like amy_chamberlain, if you don't like it don't go.

I for one am always impressed at the talented artists from DIFFERENT musical genres that Bluesfest brings in every year. And I plan to be there again this year!
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I'm sure a good 75% of people who complain about the "Bluesfest" don't even listen to actual Blues. Anyways, this is one of the more disappointing lineups since they moved locations. The only acts I'm overly excited for are Metric, Plants and Animals and CHarles Bradley. Even though I've seen Metric about a dozen times and PandA several times as well.

It seems they are trying to target the preteen girl demographic as well as 50+ crowd, while forgetting about the people in between.
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The thing with these festivals is that they are fluid. You're not going to like the same every year because YOUR bands either are or aren't there. It's simple. You love it, go. If not, don't. Lots of people love the acts this year -- it's got to be one bitch of a job trying to please everyone who thinks the lineup should match what's on their iPod and screw what anyone else would want. Yes to whoever said the rebranding now would be very expensive.
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I'm looking forward to !!!
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handsome furs??!! for real!!?!?! YES!
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