Organ Thieves to Deliver Debut LP

> Jan 30 2012

Organ Thieves to Deliver Debut LP
By Gregory AdamsOver the years, Toronto's Organ Thieves morphed from a one-man acoustic project into the current four-piece lineup, and the rock unit's evolution is now chronicled on their upcoming debut LP, Somewhere Between Free Men and Slaves.

As explained in a press sheet, frontman Chuck Coles started the group in 2008 as a side-project from Brown Brigade, the metal-inspired outfit led by former Sum 41 six-stringer Dave Baksh. While Coles originally worked up some material on his own, he apparently started anew once Baksh, bassist Mike Smith and drummer Theo McKibbon joined the act.

The music the foursome crafted together for Somewhere Between Free Men and Slaves, which MapleMusic releases April 3, comes from a common bond of growing up in working class families and, via songs apparently informed by punk, metal, reggae and rock, delves into topics like domestic violence and substance abuse.

The 12-song record was produced by Treble Charger's Greig Nori. You can check out an acoustic take on album cut "Your Princess Is in Another Castle" below.

On top of the release, Organ Thieves have a couple upcoming gigs in Toronto, including the Treble Charger reunion. Show info can also be seen at the bottom of the page.

Somewhere Between Free Men and Slaves:

1. "Simon's Wine"
2. "Daddy's Little Girl"
3. "Kids"
4. "False Flag"
5. "Phoebe"
6. "Question"
7. "Just Another Gun in the War Machine"
8. "Come On Down"
9. "Pale Horse"
10. "Fix the Hearts of the Hollow"
11. "Workers"
12. "Your Princess is in Another Castle"

Tour dates:

2/10 Toronto, ON - Sneaky Dee's *
3/21 Toronto, ON - The Phoenix $

* with Jersey, The Video Dead
$ with Treble Charger, Twin Cities, Teenage Kicks

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