NOFX's Fat Mike Sells His Home For $5 Million

> Feb 02 2009

NOFX's Fat Mike Sells His Home For $5 Million
By Brock ThiessenWhile most of us struggle to scrape by in these harsh economic times, punk mogul Fat Mike is apparently raking in the green. According to reports, the NOFX bassist and Fat Wreck Chords founder just recently sold his luxury San Francisco home for a hefty $5 million, and stands to make nice profit off the deal, too.

After being listed for $5.4 million last year, Fat Mike's Monterey Boulevard estate sold in November for $5 million to a certain Wei X. Liu, SF Weekly reports [via The Daily Swarm]. And since public records show that Fat Mike (whose government ID says Mike Burkett) bought the Colonial-style mansion for a little over $4 million in 2003, we're guessing he's quite pleased with the sale.

According to SF Weekly, the house was built in 1924 and looks more like "a plantation estate than an urban retreat," coming complete with "sophisticated media, lighting and sound systems."

Now, perhaps we just don't know what it means to be punk rock anymore but by our old definition it certainly didn't involve flipping a luxury home for five million big ones.

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Leave him alone, he deserves everything he worked for.
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i dunno, is he supposed to give it away? maybe he's supposed to have a mohawk ala the exploited & squeegee car windows.
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Punk is a fashion in California.....

In England it is a political movement based on principles...
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1 million gain before tax is not a great return after 10 years, even for a punk rocker. And he will split the proceeds with his (ex)wife.

And who says that everyone can make money but if you play punk rock you must live in the gutter and die of liver failure when you are 48?

Maybe less envy and more objective analysis next time you write an article...
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Hey evvybody please check out my band and give upvotes insted of fighting please
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Punk is dead and gone....who gives a fuck.
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NOFX's only good song ever was the decline
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