NOFX's Fat Mike Releases Ragtime Soundtrack for Fetish Film

> Feb 08 2012

NOFX's Fat Mike Releases Ragtime Soundtrack for Fetish Film
By Gregory AdamsNOFX's Fat Mike is a connoisseur of hyper-speed melodic pop punk, but the dude is dabbling in some ragtime jams on his latest release, a soundtrack for a fetish film called Rubber Bordello. While old-timey music isn't completely unfamiliar to the musician (remember White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean closer "Buggley Eyes"), this is the first time he's explored the genre over the course of an entire album.

A press release explains that the saloon-approved project is a collaboration between Fat Mike and Mad Caddies/Cherry Poppin' Daddies keyboardist Dustin Lanker, as well as members of Tom Waits's band, and it scores actress/director Soma Snakeoil's new film Rubber Bordello.

The skin flick centres on a late 19th century brothel in New Orleans's red light district "where people would go to experience sexuality deemed illegitimate by society's set of rigid rules." As you can see in the slightly NSFW trailer over here, the film features a whole lot of rubber costumes, a smattering of ropes and a whole lot of spanking. Judging by the clip, it looks as if Fat Mike has a role in the movie too.

As for the soundtrack, the ten-song affair hosts cheeky titles like "Great Sexpectations" and the double entendre-heavy "The Jerk Rag." While the film itself premieres in L.A. on February 10, the album is available now on iTunes through Snakeoil Media Productions.

Rubber Bordello:

1. "Shedonistic Society"
2. "The Jerk Rag"
3. "Fucking Machine Gun Etiquette"
4. "Bitch Cassidy"
5. "Oh Bondage, Up Whores"
6. "Great Sexpectations"
7. "Knotty Girls"
8. "Take Two"
9. "Citizen Caned"
10. "Sleep Tight"

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