Nobunny Announces 'Secret Songs: Reflections From the Ear Mirror'

> Aug 22 2013

Nobunny Announces 'Secret Songs: Reflections From the Ear Mirror'
By Gregory AdamsBay Area garage punk Nobunny (a.k.a. Justin Champlin) will deliver his next LP,  Secret Songs: Reflections From the Ear Mirror, October 15 via Goner Records.

A tracklisting has yet to appear, but the new LP is Nobunny's first since 2010's First Blood and is described in a press release as featuring "a mixture of styles and fidelities." It also apparently comes across as "having a garbage bin of awesomeness dumped on your head."

Goner had previously reported that the LP will feature 14 songs of "absurd, sadistic, looney-toon appropriations of rock'n'roll."

Nobunny recently wrapped up a quick summer tour, but will be playing Eli's Mile High Club in Oakland tonight (August 22), if you can make it out.

Update:As a reader points out, the Health Care 7-inch is being put out by Nobunny's King Song Records, but does not feature the musician himself, as the article had originally insinuated.

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The Health Care 7" isn't Nobunny - it's just released on Nobunny's label, King Song Records. Also, it's not out yet - supposed to be released in a few days.
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