Newly Discovered Spider Named After Lou Reed

> May 25 2012

Newly Discovered Spider Named After Lou Reed
By Alex HudsonWhat do Beyoncé and Lou Reed have in common? Both singers have the dubious distinction of having insects named after them. Much like how Beyoncé previously got her own golden fly, biologists have now named a newly discovered type of spider after Reed. It's name? Loureedia, obviously.

CORRECTION: As one commenter has pointed out, spiders aren't in fact insects. Guess Lou has more in common with Bowie after all.

So why did the scientists decide name this variety of spider after Lou? Well, according to [via The Daily Swarm/Entertainment Weekly], Loureedia is a type velvet spider that lives underground. The idea of a velvet spider underground naturally led the biologists to think of the singer of the Velvet Underground, hence the Lou Reed connection.

Plus, not to be insulting, but Lou can sometimes be a little creepy and insect-like, particularly when he dresses in all black and wears those big sunglasses.

Velvet spiders are native to Europe, Asia and Africa, so Lou isn't likely to encounter one of them when he's doing t'ai chi by the Hudson River.

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Spiders are Arachnids, not insects. Perhaps Lou and Beyonce have something else in common.
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