N.E.R.D Compile Best Of for January Release

> Nov 16 2010

N.E.R.D Compile Best Of for January Release
By Josiah HughesFollowing the release of their fourth mind-expanding album, Nothing, experimental pop rap trio N.E.R.D will be getting the best-of treatment from former label Virgin Records, which the band were signed to from 2001 to 2005.

While a greatest-hits collection from the Neptunes would feature a lot more star power, N.E.R.D have assembled an impressive batch of songs and guests for their Best Of. The album features standout tracks like "Rock Star," "Lapdance" and "Thrasher," alongside guest spots from Kelis and Pusha T, as well as remixes from Sander Kleinenberg and Justice.

If you're wondering where "Everybody Nose" and other more recent N.E.R.D jams are, keep in mind that this is a Virgin release and only collects tracks from the band's two Virgin albums, 2002's In Search Of... and 2004's Fly or Die

Virgin will release The Best of N.E.R.D on January 11. The collection will be available on CD or as a digital download.

The Best of N.E.R.D.:

1. "Rock Star"
2. "Lapdance"
3. "She Wants To Move"
4. "Provider"
5. "Maybe"
6. "Fly or Die"
7. "Brain"
8. "Thrasher"
9. "Run To The Sun"
10. "Baby Doll"
11. "What's Wrong With Me" ["Lapdance" b-side]
12. "Lil' Suzy" (ft. Kelis) ["Lapdance" b-side]
13. "Things Are Getting Better"
14. "Truth Or Dare" (ft. Kelis and Pusha T)
15. "Maybe" (Sander Kleinenberg remix)
16. "She Wants To Move" (Justice remix)

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