Neil Young and Jack White to Record and Press Vinyl Live on 'Tonight Show'

> May 12 2014

Neil Young and Jack White to Record and Press Vinyl Live on 'Tonight Show'
By Alex HudsonJack White has yet another vinyl-cutting stunt up his sleeve. Having recently recorded, manufactured and sold a 7-inch within the space of a single day, the Third Man Records boss has now announced plans to make a record with Neil Young live on late night television.

White and Young will be performing on this evening's (May 12) episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and the show's host announced on Twitter, "Making history tonight — Neil Young is going to perform and press a vinyl with the help of Jack White live on the show. One take. Fun."

It's possible that White will be using his direct-to-acetate recording method. Then again, maybe he's bringing his vintage recording booth to The Tonight Show, since that would explain why Third Man recently announced that the booth is currently not in its usual home in the label's shop. This is the same booth in which Young recorded his new covers album A Letter Home.

It remains to be seen whether this vinyl recording is just for fun, or if it will be made available commercially through Third Man.

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I am a big fan of vinyl, and have a big collection which I add to regularly. But Jack's antics have just gotten boring. It just seems like someone with a lot of free time on his hands.
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I got the heads-up
Next... he'll produce the world's biggest record. An lp the size of a parking lot played by a chimp on a trike tethered to a pole dragging a needle.

THEN a new Quadrophonic player with a needle on top AND underneath the record.

THEN when he can't think of anything else. An 50s style jukebox the size of a city bus that still only holds as many songs as a 2GB ipod.
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