Neil Young Doesn't "Give Up" Despite Not Changing the World

> Feb 12 2008

Neil Young Doesn't "Give Up" Despite Not Changing the World
By Brock ThiessenNeil Young broke some idealistic hearts last week when he told reporters that music canít actually save the world. While at the Berlin Film Festival promoting his new movie, CSNY Dťjŗ vu, the 62-year-old freedom rocker said, "The time when music could change the world is past. I think it would be very naive to think that in this day and age. The world today is a different place, and that itís time for science and physics and spirituality to make a difference in this world and to try to save the planet.Ē

Well, now old Neil is having some reservation about his musically pessimistic comments. In order to help us better understand just where heís coming from, he has issued the following statement:

A Song Alone.
By Neil Young

No one song can change the world. But that doesnít mean its time to stop singing. Somewhere on Earth a scientist is alone working. No one knows what he or she is thinking. The secret is just within reach. If I knew that answer I would be singing the song.

This is the Age of innovation. Hope matters. But not hope alone. In the age of innovation, the peopleís fuel must be found. That is the biggest challenge. Who is up to the challenge? Who is searching today? All day. All night. Every hour that goes by. I know I am.

My friends write to me donít give up. I am not giving up. I know this is the time for change. But I know that itís not a song. Maybe it was. But it isnít now. Itís an action, an accomplishment, a revelation, a new way. I am searching for the peopleís fuel. Will I find it? Yes. I think so. I donít know why I may have been chosen to help enable a discovery of this magnitude. I know I can only write a song about it when I find it. Until then I can write a song about the search or spend all my time looking. But a song alone will not change the world. Even so, I will keep on singing.

Well, okay Neil, you keep on searchiní for that fuel.
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