Mystery Machine Sign to Sonic Unyon for First New Album in 14 Years

> Jun 22 2012

Mystery Machine Sign to Sonic Unyon for First New Album in 14 Years
By Alex HudsonEarlier this year, Vancouver's Mystery Machine became the latest in a long line of Canadian rock bands from the '90s to reunite, as they hinted at plans to play shows and release an EP. Rather than release the EP as planned, Mystery Machine have done us one better by signing to Sonic Unyon for a new full-length.

Entitled Western Magnetics, the ten-song collection will arrive on September 11, marking the band's first album since 1998's Headfirst into Everything. The record's songs were recorded between 1999 and 2011 in the Vancouver studios Mushroom, Slack and Big Midget. The various sessions were helmed by producers Vince Jones, Blair Calibaba and Tim Oberthier.

"We are really excited to be working with Sonic Unyon on the release of our next album," frontman Luke Rogalsky said in a statement. "We've always respected them as a label with a commitment to truly alternative music over commerce, and as a home to some of our favourite bands over the years."

Along with Rogalsky, Mystery Machine's current lineup consists of Shane Ward, Bean (Chris Switzer) and Mario Nieva. Original drummer Jordan Pratt appears on half of the album tracks.

Expect the band to announce new live dates soon. Until then, see Western Magnetics' tracklist below and the album cover above. At the bottom of the page, you can hear a rehearsal video for the new song "Pronto," as well as Mystery Machine's 1994 highlight "Brand New Song," off 10 Speed.

Western Magnetics:

1. Pronto
2. Japanese-Dads
3. Runways
4. Octagon Skylight
5. Floatist
6. We Won't Return
7. House on Fire
8. Snow
9. Bullshit Patrol
10. Northern Analog

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My GOD! I have been waiting impatiently all of those 14 years. I got to see them during their tour of ten speed and it was amazing!
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Now that they are with Sonic Unyon maybe my dream concert of Mystery Machine and SIANspheric will actually happen!!!
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Album cover is back in line with Glazed I wonder if the album is also going that way? I would kill for another tune like Ride.
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Track 2 is like a poppier ride! You just wait!
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Of all the 90s Cancon reunions this is the only one I'm actually pumped about.
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I am soooo stoked. Hopefully you guys come back to regina. Saw you play several times here and cannot wait to hear the new material.
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Track 2? Do you mean the vid above or the song Japanese Dads? Either way Im too stoked for words!
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Hey uncle Chris(Bean)
sounds great:)
send me a CD to Denmark-(with autograph-please)
:) :D

Love Emma & William:)
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chambo- yeah I meant the track "Japanese Dads"
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I cannot lie, I've heard these songs and they are absolutely incredible. I've liked this band longer than virtually any other artist I listen to.
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