Mystery Machine Announce Canadian Tour Dates, Premiere New Song

> Aug 07 2012

Mystery Machine Announce Canadian Tour Dates, Premiere New Song
By Alex HudsonBack in June, when reunited '90s rock act Mystery Machine announced plans to return with the new album Western Magnetics, the Vancouver band promised to reveal live dates soon. Sure enough, the group have confirmed plans to hit the road in Canada in the coming months.

The schedule currently includes six shows. In September, Mystery Machine will play a run of Ontario gigs, before performing in their hometown of Vancouver in October. See the schedule below.

At the bottom of the page, you can also get a proper taste of Western Magnetics via the album cut "Bullshit Patrol," a beautiful shoegazing slow-burner that should get longtime fans even more excited for this one.

Western Magnetics will be out on September 11 through Sonic Unyon. It includes material recorded over a period of more than a decade and is the band's first album since 1998's Headfirst into Everything. Read more about the collection here.

Tour dates:

9/14 St. Catharines, ON - Mansion House *
9/15 Hamilton, ON - Supercrawl
9/16 Windsor, ON - FM Lounge ~
9/18 Toronto, ON - Horseshoe Tavern *
9/20 Kingston, ON - The Mansion
10/13 Vancouver, BC - Astoria ^

* with SIANspheric
~ with Cellos
^ with Seven Nines and Tens

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WOW! I made the dream wish that they would tour with SIANspheric and now its happening for me on the 18th. The new track is amazing and word the 14 year wait. I am more excited than words can express!
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Who gives a fuck, Shane I love the balding mutton chop look your the coolest
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